Add user to Nextcloud

Hi. I need to add users to our circle on Nextcloud. They do not currently have accounts. What do I do?

Hi - For support questions - using our ticket system is the fastest way to get help - - you can click the login link and then click “New Ticket”.

But since you asked… you have to first create a user account for them via the control panel ( and then ensure the login to Nextcloud. Once they have logged in, their username will be available to add to the circle.

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Hopefully this browser session still works. I thought I was creating an account for someone else, but I guess I was changing my own information, and now I’m locked out. :-/

Hey @clayton - can you help get @chrishiwoc access to their user account? You can always reset a password here: - the link will be sent to the Member contacts on record.

Also, @chrishiwoc - if you remember the password you set - that should allow you to login again. Your username hasn’t changed, just the password (and the first and last name).

Hi All,

I’ve reached out to chrishiwoc to get their email address so I can pass along a password reset link.