Expanded Strategy Team 2019 Discussion


A topic to discuss the work of the 2019 Expanded Strategy Team that has formed to tackle the 2018 Membership meeting proposals on becoming a coop and expanding the membership.


I have a standing Wednesday PM conflict, but hope to be able to reschedule things for as many of the meetings as possible and follow the conversation on the discussion board.


Thanks to everyone who came to the first of the 8 sessions on figuring out how to move our two proposals forward.

The notes for the meeting (and all future notes) will be kept here.

And, the most recent information about our agendas and the process will always be on the main May First web site.

Regardless of whether you attended or not, please feel free to post questions or comments here to continue the dialog between meetings.


The topic for the next meeting will be discussing the two poles of the organization - movement building and service provision. Stay tuned for a primer to read before the meeting to get up to speed.


Here’s the promised primer. Please feel free to start the conversation in this forum. We will discuss it at our meeting on Wednesday, Febuary 6 at 6:00 pm New York time.



Thank you for this jamie. Wed nights are full for me so, your updates are awesome.
Looking forward to discussion on the coop and growth ideas.


Thanks everyone who participated in our expanded strategy team meeting tonight. For those that missed the meeting - the notes have been updated here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/expanded-strategy-team


Jamie - thank you for this document. I am not sure we discussed this item from the last page: “Unfortunately, while the service provision aspects of the organization have been expertly maintained, the lack of leadership has had a toll”. How can this issue be addressed?


As one of the leadership committee and strategic committee members, I can work harder to bring the technology issues up at this meetings. And, of course, we can always use more elected leadership who can help lead us with a vision of service provision that supports and is integrated with our movement work.


Hi Everyone - we had an excellent discussion of the US/Mexico strategy last wednesday. The notes, as always, are posted.

For next week’s meeting we are going to get into the nitty gritty of the coop details. To help facilitate this discussion, we have posted a summary prepared by our fantastic pro bono lawyer Maggie from the Urban Justice Center. Pleaser give it a read and post questions and comments here and prepare to discuss Wednesday February 20th.