2019 Membership Meeting: Infrastructure

This is the place to discuss our infrastructure report and also our report on changes to paying extra for extra resource usage. Please add your thoughts below.

Just a quick note to say I’m really looking forward to this call and am grateful for all the work the team has been doing to modernize the infrastructure!

Around pricing, I wonder if there’s a way where members could assess what they would end up paying under the new pricing structure. Is there?

At the moment, it’s only possible for groups with some tech chops to figure that out by running the right commands via ssh - and even then it’s a bit tedious to get a total for all ones users’ mailboxes.

I think if we go this route, we would have to provide that info several months in advance so groups know what to expect and/or have some kind of grandfather clause to ease implementation.

I dislike PHP (believing that logic should be separated from presentation, and that PHP is chronically insecure) and would like to use Flask to enable me to have an Apache WSGI interface to Python using Jinja2 templates for my web pages. What do I need to do to arrange this, since my ssh access does not have sudoer privileges, thus keeping me from governing my own Apache web server configuration?

Hi Dave - would you mind posting this as a ticket at https://support.mayfirst.org/ - that’s the best place for support requests.


Brief notes from the meeting: https://pad.riseup.net/p/mayfirst-movement

Is it easy for a user determine their current disk space usage?

I wish it was. At the moment - you can open a support ticket at https://support.mayfirst.org/ to request your usage.

With the new control panel, it will all be presented and you’ll be able to see your current quota and even be able to re-allocate resources between things like your web site, email usage and Nextcloud.