2019 Membership Meeting: Movement Priorities

Here’s the official topic for the 2019 Membership meeting on movement priorities. We’ll be discussing live via mumble on Wednesday, September 11, from 3 - 4:00 pm America/New_York time. Or, feel free to comment on the report here.

And… here’s the report: https://share.mayfirst.org/s/r4piD7X5qDKx4bo

Here are the notes from the meeting: https://pad.riseup.net/p/mayfirst-movement

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the Movement Priorities pre-meeting, but I would still like to propose that adopting climate justice principles into the way we build and use our technology. Here’s my post with initial questions and thoughts - MayFirst and Climate Justice

If there’s anything else I should do to help move this forward let me know and I’ll do so.


Hi Clayton - thanks for posting - and I missed your other post which I’m going to follow up with now.

I hope you can make the infrastructure meeting next friday (unfortunately timed on the same day as the climate strike). I think that’s the best meeting to raise the issue of adopting climate justice principles in the way we are hosting our technology.

The movement meeting would be the place to discuss prioritizing joining the climate justice efforts/coalitions and other collaborations. That’s a whole different area and approach to discussing these ideas.