2020 Technology Infrastructure and Services (priorities discussion)

Please see the infrastructure and services report on our reports page.

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This is a really thorough, well explained report. I learned a lot about servers and gained some serious appreciation for all of the work that has happened this year. A big thank you to all who maintain our infrastructure and services!

Thanks Clayton - I appreciate your feedback.

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Hi Everyone - Thanks to everyone who came! Here’s a link to the notes from the meeting we had and also, we have a recording of the presentations and report backs as well.

Please feel free to continue the conversation here.

In particular, our job is to revise (if necessary) our priorities for next year. Jaime and I proposed continuing next year with our existing priorities:

  • Complete the technology overhaul
  • Expand participation in our tech infrastructure and services work
  • Pursue more environmentally friendly hosting options

Please weigh in with any thoughts about these priorities or anything else that you’d like to raise about this area of our work.