2021 Are you interested in running for the Board of Directors? / ¿Te interesa presentarte como candidata a la Junta Directiva?

Prospective board member orientation: Thursday, October 28, at 3:00 pm (America/New_York, 1 hour)

If you are interested in helping direct May First, this workshop is for you. We will share information for all prospective board members about how May First’s leadership operates, expectations of board members, the history of the organization and the organization’s commitment to combating racism and sexism. Please review our board orientation materials and feel free to ask any questions you have here.

Orientación para candidatas a la junta directiva: Jueves, 28 de octubre, a las 15:00 horas (América/Nueva_York, 1 hora)

Si estás interesado en ayudar a dirigir May First, este taller es para ti. Compartiremos información para todas las personas de la membresía interesadas en participar en la junta directiva sobre cómo funciona el liderazgo de May First, las expectativas de la membresía de la junta directiva, la historia de la organización y el compromiso de la organización para combatir el racismo y el sexismo. Por favor, revise nuestrxs materiales de orientación de la junta directiva y agrega cualquier pregunta que tienes en este hilo.

Thanks a lot Jaime.
How much dedication (at minimum) can imply being part of the Board? It’s not that I’m eager to add something to my calendar :sweat_smile: but just to understand what is the compromise so we are able to honor it as it should be.
Thanks… :slightly_smiling_face:

Good question. Our orientation page says the following:

Responsibilities of Board Members

Board members are elected for 3 year terms. The minimum requirements of being a board member are:

  • Attend eight, 1.5 hour online board meetings per year
  • Spend up to 1 hour per week reading and responding to email
  • Attend the annual membership meeting.

In addition, while not required, board members are encouraged to participate in at least one of the program committees.

In practice I think participation requires much less than 1 hour a week on average reading and responding to board related e-mails but everything else holds. The program teams are TIAS and the Engagment and Communications team.

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