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The communitybridge team is putting together some workshops requested by the Center for Economic Democracy - http://economicdemocracy.us
So we put up this survey a few weeks ago and got 30+ responses - Login – Nextcloud

Are there any tools on this list that you feel you could do an online workshop for, with one other person, facilitating . By workshop I mean this.
At least 2 people will run the workshop, many can be part of the planning, like collecting or making assets like images or lists of steps. Some workshops will use breakout rooms to get technical with individuals and help them install things like signal and also encourage people to get a May First membership for tools like NextCloud etc.

We will use the assets we already have from our past workshops - Privacy, Trust, Data Equity: Resource Library – CommunityBridge
As we get started, we want to ask if the TIAS team would like to collaborate? Choose a good time to meet - Pwchat - Crab Fit


El equipo de communitybridge está organizando algunos talleres solicitados por el Centro para la Democracia Económica - http://economicdemocracy.us Así que publicamos esta encuesta hace unas semanas y obtuvimos 30+ respuestas, Login – Nextcloud ¿Hay alguna herramienta en esta lista para la que sienta que podría hacer un taller en línea, con otra persona, facilitando? Por taller me refiero a esto. Al menos 2 personas dirigirán el taller, muchas pueden ser parte de la planificación, como recolectar o hacer activos como imágenes o listas de pasos. Algunos talleres utilizarán salas de reuniones para ponerse técnicos con las personas y ayudarlas a instalar cosas como signal y también alentarán a las personas a obtener una membresía del Primero de Mayo para herramientas como NextCloud, etc.

Utilizaremos los activos que ya tenemos de nuestros talleres anteriores, Privacy, Trust, Data Equity: Resource Library – CommunityBridge Al comenzar, queremos preguntarte si a ti o a alguien que conoces le gustaría colaborar. Elige un buen momento para reunirte - Pwchat - Crab Fit

So cool this initiative! We did something like “replacing google services” in our Nextcloud workshop on 2023. Maybe we can plan a new one and doing it not only for communitybridge but for all the membership again. Maybe this is a good initiative to reactivate @TIAS this year.

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This could work well. The group, Center for Economic Democracy is heavily invested in Google so it is going to be a while before they are ready to look this which gives us time to discuss and work on it.
Soon, I am going to post in a new message, the outline for my idea to get several organizations to pay for us to build reusable presentations for workshops.

I think this is a great idea Micky and I’m also really curious to see results of that very well written poll.


Not sure how to give you access to the results.

I can´t see the results :confused: maybe sharing the csv? Is it possible to share the answers of a form? - #2 by jotoeri - 📝 Forms - Nextcloud community

discourse will not allow csv upload.

Hi Mickey I was wondering how to do it, and I remember I think we did it on the workshop. And is quite easy. You just have to share the form with the specific people you want and click on the user the box allowing to see the answers. Please let me know if it works.

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Thank you. This works if the person is logged into Nextcloud… I guess that is better than nothing!

Thank you so much Mickey; I´ll be waiting for how we can support this effort.

NEXT: CommunityBridge.com Privacy Workshop - planning

When: Tuesday, March 12th, 2024 at 4:30 PM (GMT-4)

Where: Privacy, Trust, and Data Equity – CommunityBridge
access code: privacytrust

Here is the resource Library - Privacy, Trust, Data Equity: Resource Library – CommunityBridge
We always need people to feed the library!

Our shared folder of workshop assets: Nextcloud