Agenda for tomorrow's meeting? (Annual Mem Meeting)

Hi, is there an agenda somewhere to preview for tomorrow’s meeting? Especially interested to read about what we are voting on.


At today’s meeting 3pm Eastern US, 2pm México, we will go over the list of candidates to the the board, review the list of priorities that we have extracted from discussion in our previous membership meeting sessions and we will vote to approve going forward with an asynchronous online voting process to be extended over the next 7 days to select board members and priorities. This last detail is especially important and why we need you all present as we are legally required to have a quorum at today’s meeting in order to make that decision.

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Jaime, thank you!

So, I’m guessing the 1-hour meeting agenda will look something like this (auto-translated Spanish below):

  1. Welcome
  2. Check to make sure we have enough people for quorum
  3. Review the list of candidates to join the board
  4. Review the list of priorities from recent meetings
  5. Vote on a proposal that we allow voting on those candidates and priorities over the next 7 days

Agenda de la reunión:

  1. Bienvenida
  2. Verifique que tengamos suficientes personas para el quórum
  3. Revise la lista de candidatos para unirse a la junta.
  4. Revise la lista de prioridades de reuniones recientes.
  5. Vote una propuesta que permita votar sobre esos candidatos y prioridades durante los próximos 7 días

Yes - that’s about it - except in a slightly different order:

  1. Take attendance as people arrive (and hopefully reach quorum)
  2. Welcome
  3. Explanation of how voting will work
  4. Vote
  5. Report from earlier meetings (including priorities)
  6. Financial report
  7. Review of board candidates
  8. Closing

Agenda de la reunión:

  1. Tomar nota de la asistencia a medida que la gente llega (y, con suerte, alcanzar el quórum)
  2. Dar la bienvenida a
  3. Explicación del funcionamiento de la votación
  4. Votar
  5. Informe de las reuniones anteriores (incluyendo las prioridades)
  6. Informe financiero
  7. Examen de los candidatos al consejo de administración
  8. Cerrar
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And registered users should have received this agenda right about now by email :).

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Ah, thank you Jamie! And yes, I just got the email :slight_smile: Haha, thank you both, see you soon.