Attend SF Convervancy conference

Hey folx, Would the conference by be something MFMT would be interested in? I didn’t see it on the list and they are still seeking proposals for talks however I do not much know much about the org or conference. Is the idea to share conf we would like to go as a representative of MFMT or just any conferences that may be alignment?

Thanks Melba - I just added this to our list and made this a separate topic. And, yes, I think adding any conference where you think there might be alignment is what we are going for. Having a good list this year, even if we can’t attend this year, gives us a good list for next year where we might have more time to plan which ones to prioritize.

Are they still seeking proposals? It looks like the deadline for proposals passed on May 18th?

understood and Yes they said they have extended the date for accepting proposals

What is the new deadline? I noticed they have a coops and free software track which might be an opportunity to present something along the lines of our recent article.

I just contacted the organizers and they said they are not accepting applications for workshops any longer … maybe next year :slight_smile: