Before the vote-Link to audio of discussion about the proposals at 2018 Membership Meeting?


For those members who missed the membership meeting and didn’t get to hear the meeting participants discuss the proposals all of us have to vote on by Wednesday right (EST), can you please post a link to the audio of that portion of the 2018 membership-meeting-phone-conference AFTER the presentations of proposals, specifically the:

  • Discussion: 30 minutes and the
  • Technology Congress report: 15 minutes
    Also if anyone was making global notes/summaries of points raised and discussed about these proposals, a kind of written memorialization of the 2018 membership meeting post-presentation of proposals-discussion, as was done during last year’s membership meeting, can you please post a link to that too? Thanks much.


Sorry for the slow response. We did not record the membership meetings this year. They were not presentation style meetings - instead they were small group discussions and we wanted people to be able to speak freely. Recording conversations like that can often have a negative impact on people’s willingness to participate. I am interested in feedback on this idea to inform the 2019 membership meeting.