Don't miss this great interview with Alfredo!

Everyone, if you haven’t yet, please don’t miss this great interview with Alfredo on May First. I’ve been a member for about a decade, and I learned a ton from this. Thank you @alfredo for your leadership and your voice! Listening to that made me all the more eager to get more involved in helping to build May First’s future.

One thing: Is there a digital version somewhere of the “Organic Internet” essay? Or of the book?

Oh, I just noticed that the PDF is linked from the Internet Archive records of our old website. But I can’t find it on our current website. Is it still there somewhere?

Wow, what a nice blast from the past. It looks like I did move the PDF over to our new sites, but I didn’t leave any page that links to it. That’s now fixed and it should show up under the About Us section of the menus at the bottom (as soon as the next build happens).