External Backup

Hi folks,

Last week, I slipped up and synchronized my Mayfirst folder with another Nextcloud folder service. So, for an instant, I thought that I had lost all my files.
Fortunately, they were in the deleted files of Nextcloud Mayfirst web.
After that, I started thinking if there was a service of external backup that I could use. Is there? Or, do you already use an external backup for these dramatic cases?

I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to ask this question.

Hi livia - Thanks for posting. In generally, support questions are bettered handled by posting a ticket at https://support.mayfirst.org/ but since you are here - I can share that, unfortunately, we don’t have a backup option available to users. We do run offsite backups for all of our servers - so if you ever did lose all your documents let us know and we will most likely be able to restore them, but it’s not available for users.

Also, OMG, having all your Nextcloud files disappear sounds terrifying!!


Thanks, Jamie!
Fortunately, I recovered them, But I almost died at first! :scream:

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