File Attachments

I want to attach a pdf or txt file, but can only seem to attach an image.
Here is an image:

Good question. As admin, I just added “pdf” as an “authorized extensions” and indicated that new users can post 2 (default was 0) attachments. But still can’t figure out where in the UI we should be able to add an attachment…

On this instance, the button between “Preformatted text” and “Bulleted list” has an icon of an image:


On a Discourse instance I manage elsewhere, it’s a file upload icon (and does support non-image file-types):


As expected, it didn’t work here when I tried using the :framed_picture: button to upload a PDF.

Did you definitely click “Save” after changing “authorized extensions”?

Is Discourse here up-to-date?

I don’t see any other relevant settings which have been changed on the other instance.

test.pdf (6.3 KB)

So embarrassing… I think the problem was that I didn’t save the adding of the pdf extension as you suggested.

Does it work for you now?

Is pdf enough? What other extensions do you suggest we allow?

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Seems so! Rustys-Rules-Cheat-Sheet.pdf (90.8 KB)

.odt, .ods, .docx, .xlsx — but I guess there’s a question of how far down this road to go vs pushing people to uploading on nextCloud.

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Test1.pdf (8.3 KB) Thanks.