GNU Guix Support?

After learning Nix/NixOS package manager in the past few weeks, I am now studying GNU Guix ( )

This might be a perfect OS for MayFirst - It is die-hard GNU in ‘Libre’-purity :smile: and seems to allow end-users to transactionally install Libre software without root access.

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I’m very curious - keep us posted on how it goes!

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So I have been using GNU Guix since then and I can report to you this looks really good. Hosting a shared server (not VPS) with Guix sounds very attractive because users can still install any software package as they see fit (they will all be installed under /gnu straight under root) without bothering other users.

However, occasionally, a package installation may start a lengthy compilation hogging the CPU cores. Some safeguarding might be necessary against this possibility.

Hi folks. Any news about this possibility of running a GNU Guix server?

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We have not discussed much after my previous posting but I still think this would be a great thing to try! Do you use Guix?

Although I like GNU software and the overall idea of Free Software, I don’t feel comfortable promoting their software or the work that they do. Have you noticed that almost everyone on this long list of GNU contributors seems to be a man?!? To me, that’s a bad sign for organizations as old as GNU and the FSF.

If May First does decide to go with GNU Guix, maybe forking it and adding a good code of conduct will help to both make use of the system and make a clear statement that May First doesn’t align politically with GNU and the FSF when it comes to their lack of diversity and inclusiveness.

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Well, thank you for clarifying your position here!

I have been sensing this in this forum and I need to be honest, I am probably more of GNU/FSF camp :sweat_smile:

Having said that, from my recent interactions with various worker cooperative folks, such differences might be simply due to our personal experience, but I think we all do what we know is the right thing to do.

For me, for example, what is important is Anarchy - no ruler. It might be due to the fact I have experienced repulsive (by my standard :sweat_smile:) paternalistic behaviors I have encountered in my life in Japan​:sweat_smile:

So for me, telling others what to think or what is moral is a bit odd, or doesn’t feel right.

But then again, FSF itself bases its argument in free software being moral… :sweat_smile:

So I cannot come to any conclusion but my basic position is people know what is best for them and just let them do as they wish :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: