Google now censoring Drive contents

I wish I was surprised. I always thought their claim that they don’t inspect file contents was a crock.

Thanks for posting - it’s always good to keep tabs on corporate policies like this since they regularly are used against our own movement’s messages.

In this case, though, it seems like the messaging being censored (anti covid vaccination) is one that informs the right in the US. The web site you link to is also one that supports some of the more racist elements in the US (they are promoting parler on their list of recommended networks).

I think we should be raising awareness in our movement about the dangers of corporate control of our networks and how it will impact our own movements - but I also think we have to be unequivocal in our condemnation of the dangerous and fascistic movements that are co-opting the free speech arguments.


I did have reservations about posting this when Parler and Gab were mentioned. Nevertheless it was the first mention I’d seen of it, and haven’t seen it featured anywhere else. It has stiffened my resolve to get all of my data away from Google’s prying eyes.

MayFirst is accountable to its users but Google is not. Google is more like take it or leave it, you pesky users - if we don’t like you, tough luck :sweat_smile:

While I may not agree with every single action of MayFirst (for example the latest Richard Stallman bashing), that’s OK, we can disagree without being disagreeable :smile:

The point is, with MayFirst we can meaningfully discuss its decisions.