Learning about new infrastructure

Hi, I have recently started exploring the new infrastructure at https://gitlab.com/mfmt based on feedback at MM 2018: Form a committee to explore ways to significantly grow the organization to a more sustainable size. I’m trying to start the infrastructure in dev environment on my local machine, but came across some issues. What would be the preferred way to get help? Options I can think of:

  1. Use gitlab issues (I have tried previously, but not sure if that’s the right channel)
  2. Use this discourse forum with appropriate category and/or tag (but the audience might be unnecessarily broad, only intended for people working with technical infrastructure)
  3. Open a ticket at https://support.mayfirst.org. (but getting help to learn about infrastructure is not urgent like a production issue)
  4. Some other way?


OMG! I’m so sorry. I’ve updated by gitlab settings to make sure I don’t miss anything like your PR request. For now at least, gitlab is definitely the best place for this.

Please continue posting there! And I will pay closer attention so I can actually respond.

I’m really glad you are kicking the tires. It’s under very heavily development, so I expect we will find loads of bugs, but great to get another set of eyes.

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