Logging in to May First's jitsi

When I try to log in to jitsi with my mayfirst credentials, it says that my username/password is incorrect. Is May First’s jitsi instance open to all members or is it limited?

Hi @stevenyc - at the moment, it authenticates you using our email authentication system. That means the user account you use to login has to have a mailbox attached to it (via the control panel). You can edit your user account and add a mailbox and then it should work. Or, you could create a dedicated user account just for this purpose.

Eventually our plan is to add a “jitsi meet” option for each user account so you can more specifically control what users can be used for what services.

Thanks jaime! That worked!

I’m trying to find a video chat option for group meetings that includes auto captions. Do you think that’s something May First would be open to adding to it’s jitsi? If so, I’d be happy to work on it!

Thanks Steve - That is definitely on our list, doesn’t seem terribly difficult and, best of all, there seems to be some options that do not require sending our audio to big tech. Unfortunately, we just haven’t gotten to it yet.