MayFirst as BigBlueButton server?


I am just curious, just hypothetically, what would it be like to host BigBlueButton using mayfirst servers? Just for this thought experiment, all we need is the raw sever - all software aspects will be handled by the operator (for example,

Would the cost be anything comparable to :

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi Yasuaki,

I’m not sure what it would be like.

It would not be hard for us to allocate a virtual server. We generally ask our members to contribute anywhere from $50 to $300 per month to help cover that cost.

However a “raw” (which I understand to mean bare metal) server is another story.

Although we have a few legacy members who have their own hardware in our cabinet, we general discourage it because our electricity and space in our cabinet is at a premium and we are nearly maxed out at the moment.

The staff has also started considering expanding to other locations as a way of growing our servers but we have not yet reached a consensus on enough of it to put together a proposal.

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BBB is a bit of a bear to host, resource-wise.

If at all possible, I’d encourage people (or co-ops!) to join and hop on that effort; they already have some nice dedicated hardware lined up.


Thank you for your replies - I am from :grinning: and recently one of our “paint points” that emerged is the cost effective and responsive server allocation on demand.

As a startup coop,I am not sure what our ultimate focus should be - it could be that we should focus on software customization, event planning, etc and “outsource” the server operations - but then again why should we bother to have a coop??

There are also other potential hosting demands for many other services - I have been brainstorming with large worker coops in Japan.

Maybe we should all get together and do some brainstorming as well on what kind of ICT ecosystem we envision? :smile:

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One option is that we could become organizational members of, a new European cooperative that provides BBB service. Another co-op I’m a member of,, is exploring this kind of membership to allow its members to use’s service.

Oh sorry, I didn’t see that @yasuaki had already posted on this!

As a matter of fact, May First is a member of :). However, it is more in solidarity then in practice. We still haven’t quite wrapped our heads around what it means for May First members to be a member of the coop. If we wanted to be members in a way that allows all of our members to use BBB, we would have to go with the fee of £250/month for a dedicated server. However, should we spend that money? Or should we install our own BBB server? Or should we focus on ensuring the jitsi meet is as stable and reliable as it possibly can (which could still use more work). I’m of the opinion that we should focus on ensuring jitsi meet is as stable as possible. And, I think we should consider the for any one time events that we have planned.

In general I agree with your approach: focus on being the best coop Jitsi instance (I use it all the time), and draw on our friends at for the rarer cases that BBB is appropriate.