MF isologo in discourse

Hello everyone.
Right now, the isologo shows almost nothing in the dark theme. If someone shares the isologo files, I can touch it a bit so it looks better in our discourse instance.
No hurry and no obbligation though. :slight_smile:
Best regards…

I just asked Aaron for the originals - I’ll let you know when I get a response.

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I am compiling a folder of all image and design related files we have but its kind of a mess so far. :exploding_head:

Here are two things files I’ve found that seem useful for this.

This png render of newer logo

Also this xcf file , fonts are missing though.

That’s a great start. :slight_smile:
Do we know what fonts were the originals? Or who did it? :question:

Here are more resources aaron shared with me: Nextcloud

I have created a design and images folder where I’ve compiled these latest files jamie has shared along with older files. I’ve created this folder in the the Engagement and Communications Team initially. Ideally it should also appear in the TIAS-shared design folder.

Unfortunately Nextcloud doesn’t provide an easy mechanism for sharing files or folders with more than one group/circle in an exact place in their file hierarchy. Sharing a file folder with a circle would just cause the shared folder to appear the circle participants’ home folders. I see some scaling issues with that.

Anyway for now folx who have joined the TIAS Nextcloud group can see this document which includes a link to the shared image folder. So hopefully this provides a somewhat reasonable route to finding that info.