New book featuring May First

Friends, I hope you don’t mind me sharing news of events for my forthcoming book, Governable Spaces: Democratic Design for Online Life, which I think will be relevant to many of your communities. It comes out free on the Internet on February 27 from University of California Press. And it features May First as a case study in “governable stacks.” Here’s what one of my favorite media scholars has to say:

“This visionary book points a way to scrapping capitalist realism for community control over our digital spaces. Nathan Schneider generously brings together disparate wisdom from abolitionists, Black feminists, and cooperative software engineers to spark our own imaginations and experiments.”—Lilly Irani, author of Chasing Innovation: Making Entrepreneurial Citizens in Modern India

To help usher the book into the world, I’ve got some upcoming events that I hope y’all will consider sharing with your communities, as far as they’re relevant:

Thanks for considering!


Hi Nathan!

I don’t need events to know I’d love to buy it. :slight_smile:
Is is available as epub? Where do I buy it for our community library? :smiley:

Thanks a lot…

Thanks for your interest! It will be available for free in epub, mobi, and pdf (as well as an online reader) from the publisher starting February 27. Print copies (kind of expensive, but the pictures are in color) can be preordered wherever! I’ve got some links here, including a Colorado cooperative bookstore.

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Hi Nathan!

Thanks a lot for helping everybody to know your work about governance and cooperativism in general. :blush:

I will happily wait until next week.

Warmest regards…

This is great news Nathan. Congrats! I’ll raise it at our workers meeting this week to see if we can alert our members about it.

And, I look forward to seeing you at the BPL this Saturday!

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