Offer/idea: ACRE Anti-AWS report event?

Hi all,

Not sure if there’s a better place to post this idea/offer!

I’ve been a May First member for about a year, and I would like to propose an event that might be interesting to other members and might be a useful new member recruiting event.

I am also a volunteer supporter of Media Justice and The Action Center on Race & the Economy (ACRE), a nonprofit that has previously released a report on Amazon & other big tech’s complicity in selling white supremacist propaganda and gun violence in 2019.

This summer/fall, ACRE will be releasing an additional report that will advocate that web service providers abandon Amazon Web Services (AWS) and find alternative hosting platforms.

To be sure, there are plenty of AWS use cases for which May First does not offer comparable services. But with Amazon worker’s recent unionization and other organizations like Mijente’s 2018 report on their collaboration with ICE, I would be excited to help organize / promote / co-facilitate a digital event alongside ACRE’s report release, with the goal of raising awareness to these issues and/or attracting new May First members.

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Yes! That’s a great idea. This is exactly the work that the Engagement and communications team is working on. We meet monthly on the first thursday of the month at 4:00 pm New York time (so you just missed our last meeting) but we’ll be meeting again on Thursday the 7th. And if you join the engagement team you can get updates on our next meetings (which will include a few meetings this month to plan our get the tech off our bodies webinar and an upcoming workshop at the Allied Media Conference. It would be great to have you.

Thank you @jamie!, I joined the engagement team discourse group.

I just met with Myaisha Hayes last week and learned today that Media Justice’s anti-AWS report and microsite will be finalized by July 18-25. For Media Justice, they said early/mid August would be a great time to brainstorm an event.

I look forward to learning/sharing more at the next engagement team meeting I can attend!

Great - I just got off the Media Justice Anchors Meeting and heard a bit more about the campaign as well. It sounds like a good focus for July/August.

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