Open Collective Foundation shutdown— anyone else looking to find, or willing to be, a replacement fiscal host?

Several mutual aid groups in Minneapolis need to find a new fiscal host while maintaining their online donation and reimbursement “open collective” on (Community Kitchen, Sanctuary Supply Depot, Northside Mutual Aid).

Is anyone else in a similar situation? Any trustworthy nonprofits that would be willing to be a fiscal host for these groups? Or magic, administrative-minded people willing to help a no-staff 501c3 (People Who Give a Damn, Inc) ramp up to being able to act as fiscal host and file all needed tax paperwork every year?

Info: Becoming a Fiscal Host - Open Collective Docs

Or has anyone had experience with “Hack Club” which seems to be a sort of alternative to Open Collective (they reached out to one group)?

Hi @ben-agaric have you considered the Allied Media Project? Growing Thriving Movements Through Our Sponsored Projects Programs - Allied Media Projects - they use to host the allied media conference in Detroit. I don’t know anything about their fiscal sponsorship program, but it seems to now be their main focus.

@jamie thank you! Do you know any of the people involved here? They have offered to take over hosting for mutual aid collectives which would be a lifesaver:

Hi Ben - Unfortunately, my personal connections to the Allied Media Project are quite tenuous. But they seem to be very popular so I doubt you could go wrong there.

@jamie yes sorry i meant the people in my link to the Brooklyn-based Pact Collective, Pact Collective - Open Collective