Open office document time out problem

Wondering if others have an issue when working on a document in Nextcloud with the OpenOffice web app where it will completely time out and you’ll have to refresh or sometimes log back in to get it to force a refresh? This is a big issue for my company when we are having a team meeting and are referencing the same document with one person taking notes and then it times out and looks like no one is taking notes, creating much confusion and annoyance!

Might be somewhat related but wondering if there is a way to tweak the warnings “the document has not been edited for quite a long time” popups.

I’m mostly trying to increase adoption to move people from Google Apps, etc and these small issues have a big impact on people being willing to switch.

Oh no - I’m sorry you are experiencing this! I haven’t experienced it myself - but… also, we just upgraded the Only Office application a week ago, so if you have only now started experiencing this problem it might be upgrade related. And, because of the upgrade, all your team members will need to clear their browser cache to avoid loading the old code (see

If you keep experiencing problems - can you open a support ticket by sending an email to That’s the best way to get more timely support from our workers.

Thanks! It’s actually been a long standing issue since we switched over (been at least 3 months) - maybe the upgrade will fix it though? I’ll submit a ticket if it continues after the upgrade!