Open to new categories?


Hi, at we would like to use this discourse installation to engage our community of social movement organizations into a dynamic dialog on Free and Open Source software and Cooperative Technologies.
We would like to have 5 or 6 specific categories in order to invite the related groups.
Hope, this kind of use is considered in the platform.
Fuerte abrazo compañeros


Please let us know if this is possible, as we are evaluating to launch part of our communications in a non monopolistic platform supported by a beautiful social change association.


Hi Enrique - I’m sorry to be so slow to respond. I still have not fully adjusted to using discouse on a regular basis - and posting tickets to is still the best way to get support.

However… the answer is definitely yes. We are open to adding public or even private categories as you need for your organizing. Just open a ticket at to make the request.


I will do that Jamie.
Thanks a lot


Thanks again