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If it pleases the May First community, I would like to use this forum to share information about what people around the world are doing to further peace, justice, right livelihood, and protections for our planet. I’ve been interested in collecting and sharing this kind of information ever since I heard the words, “Whole Earth Catalog” back in 1969. Yes, I’ve been around for a while. When I heard the words, I immediately thought that the world needs a Whole Earth Catalog of people, and I started trying to find something I could do to help people find each other. As it turned out, the Whole Earth Catalog was a large format directory of earth friendly resources. It had articles and listings of places where people could buy materials for self-sufficient living and it reviewed books on how to start living “off grid.”
One thing that I did back in the day was to publish a newsletter about networks of people. This was before computers were in wide use, so the newsletter, called Other Networks Newsletter, started out being typed on a typewriter… My friends and I published 8 issues of Other Networks from 1981 to 1989. This activity caused us to become known among people cross the country. The story is too long for further writing now. But I have begun once more to collect information about networks and services and organizations which are doing good work in the world. I would like help from this community to gather such information for sharing here and in a new web service I have started called… of course…
If the use of this forum for this purpose is appropriate, I’d like to hear from you. Your reply to this opening message will get us started. Write back with the URL of your own organization and a brief note about what you do and what issues you address.
Thank you for your attention. I’m looking forward to hearing from the May First community to continue strengthening the network of support for each of our projects.
Stan Pokras, “Instigator”
communitymagic.org / wikidelphia.org and othernetworks.org


You are certainly welcome to use this forum for the purpose of organizing members. The CTAM category was started by another member for other purposes, but if you’d like your own category, just let me know what to call it and I’ll create one for you.

Hi, Jamie.
What I propose is a space where information about other relevant organizations, movements, and resources can be available to members here. I would like to see members posting info about what they learn in the world that will further their own efforts and those of other members. My own (new) site is called OtherNetworks (dot) Org. And when I post something there that I believe fits here, I’ll make a link to the page on my site. I am quite open to discussing how this might work. As for a category… I’m proposing the title Other Networks.
I came here today to post a link to a dynamic organization called Global Exchange, https://othernetworks.org/Global_Exchange
Does what I’m proposing make sense in the context of May First?

Hi Stanpokras, Yes, that makes a lot of sense. I just created a brand new category on this system called “Members Exchange” so you have a place to organize this information and invite other members to post. I’m also flagging this for @davebritton who has expressed an interest in providing a space for members to connect with each other and share info.

I’ve moved this topic to the new category. Please feel free to post new topics - just be sure to choose the category “Members Exchange” so they can be more easily found by other members.

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