Ponencia de May First en el Primer Congreso en Línea de Educación Popular y Tecnologías Libres / May First's presentation at the First Online Congress on Popular Education and Free Technologies

[English bellow] Nuestra cooperativa no solo está haciendo parte de la organización del primer
Congreso de Educación Popular y Tecnologías Libres sino que vamos a presentar una ponencia en una de las mesas. Para ello hemos hecho un esfuerzo compartido entre personas de los equipos de @engagement y @TIAS para poner a rodar la discusión y lograr entender el lugar que tiene en nuestra cooperativa la educación popular. Luego de distintas conversaciones, propongo este primer borrador donde se recogen algunas de las ideas que han empezado a circular. Les pido el favor que lo revisen y retroalimenten en lo que consideren necesario. Por favor, haganlo en control de cambios para hacerle seguimiento. Por favor ayúdanos a entender y presentar nuestra experiencia de educación popular y nuestras apuestas políticas frente al movimiento tecnológico. Todas las ideas son bienvenidas!

Our cooperative is not only taking part in the organization of the first Congress of Popular Education and Free Technologies, but we will also present a paper in one of the tables.
but we are going to present a paper at one of the tables. For this we have made a shared effort between people from the @engagement and @TIAS teams to get the discussion rolling and to understand the place that popular education has in our cooperative. After several conversations, I propose this first draft (deepl translation from Spanish) where some of the ideas that have begun to circulate are collected. I ask you to please review it and give feedback on what you consider necessary. Please do it in change control to follow up on it. Please help us to understand and present our experience of popular education and our political stakes in the technology movement. All ideas are welcome!

Thanks Oscar for putting this together. I think the paper is excellent. I’m particularly happy to see your summary of our priorities over the years and how they relate to Popular Eduction (I wish we had more concrete actions that correspond to the priorities but at least our intention is clear).

I can offer the following for the section about May First members. I’ll paste it here and also in the English text:

The Progressive Technology Project (PTP) provides installation, hosting, training and support for an open source organizing database (based on CiviCRM) to community organizers in the United States. PTP has been experimenting with their monthly training series, which was originally a one-way model of teaching technical details about using the database software to users.

Now PTP has incorporated periods of the training where participants share their experiences and opinions on the political implications of corporate owned technology as opposed to autonomous, movement controlled technology. These interventions both assert the participants as having an important information that shapes the training while also recognizing that the value of the training is not only the technical aspects, but also positioning our work in a political context.

This modest step toward popular education has helped PTP re-think our role in the movement and helped recognize the need to bring back political context into the technical decisions we prioritize.

Woops - I can’t seem to edit the doc - but feel free to copy and paste and even edit those paragraphs as you see fit.

Thanks Jamie, I was hoping also to tell some of the concrete actions that materialize our intention all this years; If there are not, we need not only to say it clear (that we only have good intentions :sweat_smile:) but also taking that in account for doing something to change it. Writing this make me feel that the priorities need to be schedule in specific actions to be taken, otherwise they are empty. Anyways, ¿would you please point it out some actions taken these years for materializing this, or there are not?

Hi Oscar - I think the Tech and Rev campaign that you reference is the most signficant action we have taken with regard to engaging our members (more info here if you haven’t seen it already: https://techandrev.org). However, there are a lot of other examples of us engaging with members - including our webinars (see May First Movement Technology). Is that helpful?

Thanks Jamie! I named the tech and rev congress, but if you want to write a more indeep paragraph about that you are more than welcome! And also, would you write a paragraph or two with some of those examples and webinars? Thanks!

Hi Oscar - I just made some direct edits to the section “Our explorations around popular/political education” in which I integrated the concrete steps we took along with your summary of the priorities.


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Thanks Jamie, I added to the Spanish version. :grinning:. Most of the changes are being doing there (Jes and Jaime add some stuff) When the paper is finish I think we need to translate it to English if we want to take it to our US membership.

Gracias Oscar,

I am done making my changes.

Ya he terminado de hacer mis cambios

Thanks Oscar! I know how tricky it is to manage edits in two languages. When we have a final spanish version I can translate to english.

Gracias, Oscar. Sé lo complicado que es gestionar las ediciones en dos idiomas. Cuando tengamos una versión final en español puedo traducirla al inglés.

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Gracias Jaime! me pongo a limpiar y consolidar el estilo pa mandarlo esta tarde.

Compas dejo en este link la ponencia final en castellano. Queda el resto del día por si alguien más quiere modificar algo más. En la noche la enviaré oficialmente. Gracias @jamie @jaimev @jes por el trabajo colectivo. Creo que lo logramos :slight_smile:

Compas I post in this link the final presentation in Spanish. It remains the rest of the day in case someone else wants to modify something else. In the evening I will officially send it. Thank you @jamie @jaimev @jes for the collective work. I think we made it :slight_smile:

Gracias compa!
Pude incorporar algunas cosas.

I incorporated some things,

I just completed the english translation. Again - so impressed with the article! Is it ok if we make a PDF version of the article available on our web site?

Acabo de terminar la traducción al inglés. Una vez más, estoy muy impresionado con el artículo. ¿Está bien si ponemos a disposición una versión en PDF del artículo en nuestro sitio web?