Public interest infrastructure initiative

Hello Folxs.

Did anyone saw or knows this initiative? >

Public interest infrastructure, an alternative to corporate clouds built by tech co-ops.

Just saw it in the fediverse and I feel there may be some alignment here… :slight_smile:


I can’t seem to find the name of a single individual associated with the project on the web site or on the autonomic web site that seems to be sponsoring it. I’m quite curious.

Autonomic is a legal cooperative registered in the UK and the names of the founding members appear on their the public “Registration of new society” docs but like ourselves the legal representatives might only be a subset of the organization so I’m not sure that’s so important. But yes, they seem to be very protective of their privacy so there is no list of members on the about us page. You can kind of get a sense of participation from the git committers on their website repo: autonomic-cooperative/ - - Git with solidaritea

They are also connected to this initiative which seems like a very interesting concentration of tech coops in the UK. We should ask our friends in UK about them Activix, Greenhost,. I don’t think we can join that network but maybe we should at least say hi or let them know about some of the international networks that exist.

With that values alignment, I’m sure some kind of synergy should be possible… :slight_smile: