Shared folder for TIAS and other groups materials

Hello folxs.
I’m searching for the shared folder that we talked about in the previous TIA meeting but couldn’t find it. The idea is to share a brief document about the proposed Delphi process to research our members needs and views.
Can anyone share it with me please?
Thanks a lot and warm regads… :smiley:

Hi Eduardo,

Here’s the link:

It should only work if you are logged into Nextcloud and have been added to the TIAS nextcloud circle - so if it doesn’t work let us know so we can debug your access.

Thanks for sharing the resources!

I am logged in, but can’t see it. Maybe I’m still not in the TIAS circle? :slight_smile:

I’ve finally gotten around to creating a post introducing new TIAS members where to find things in TIAS.

This includes instructions for joining our Nextcloud circle.

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