Shared MF calendar to facilitate coordination

Dear all.

This is just a simple and concrete proposal to make like easier for us in the rest of the world (that is, non México and US residents) and to lower the barrier to participate: let’s have a shared MF calendar.

In this way, the usual mails could point to the complete event information there so people in other timezones can see how it fits in their possibilities. Even the accept/reject actions could help us to organize better, knowing in advance how many people will come, without the need for specific forms.

WDYT? :slight_smile:

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Hi Eduardo,

Thank you for posting this question here. So we’ve have been maintaining a NextCloud calendar for May First member events in caldav format for some time but up until this weekend there was a bug that prevented us from sharing this publicly. But now it works! :grinning:

Use the link below to see the calendar in the Nextcloud web interface:

Use the following link to subscribe to the calendar from a Caldav compatible client like Thunderbird.

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Hi Jaime.

Congratulations! :clap::clap::clap:

Tu include it directly among my calendars, (please check me) I have to do this:

  1. in Nextcloud Calendar > New Calendar (left, mid height) > New subscription from link
  2. paste the link

Is it ok? :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

Yes I think that should be the best way to manually subscribe to the Member events calendar.

Just to check any other interested person, it works perfectly well. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jaime.

Thank you all for these posts. I’m a new member and just subscribed to the CalDAV link on Thunderbird and I see two Technology infrastructure and services (TIAS)-related meetings in the coming two weeks, and no calendar items beyond that.

I’m new to CalDAV/Thunderbird – Quick question(s)

  • Is there a setting that might be limiting the appearance of other future events or recurring/periodic events?
  • Or maybe are some events currently missing? The English-language Orientation page mentions a Movement Team, a weekly coordination meeting, various committees, and an annual membership meeting.

Hi Oren.
I don’t believe is any (close) limiting parameters, so probably those are the ones currently defined. Of course, other know better and may confirm or deny such hypothesis. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Oren - That’s right, the events you see are the ones currently on the calendar. The orientation page was mostly written last Fall and we are slowly implementing it.

The TIAS team is our most developed member-facing group, so that’s why you see those meetings on the calendar.

The board spent the summer developing the shape and purpose of the “Movement Team” (which has recently been renamed the “Engagement and Communications” team) and we plan to present those ideas to the Membership during our Fall annual membership meeting, which will be the moment when we launch this team and invite membership to help shape it’s direction. Expect to see these meetings start to show up regularly in the calendar later this year.

The annual membership meeting general outline was reviewed at our board meeting last friday and the schedule is just beginning to take shape. Stay tuned over the next 4 weeks for public announcements about the dates and schedules (and those will appear in the calendar as they are confirmed). It will likely take place in November.

Lastly… the Coordination Team is a working team composed of members who have been involved in other committees first. It’s not well suited as a drop in to check things out space, so we don’t publicize those meetings in our member calendar.

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any other questions.


Thank you @jamie! You’ve answered all the questions

Looking forward to the announcements about the Fall annual membership meeting, and to checking out appropriate committee meetings in the coming weeks/months.