redesign idea

I wonder if making the support site more readable and less cluttered will help in the short term with some of the complaints about it. For example:

This is the current design:

I just made some quick changes, but maybe changing it to something like this would be helpful, at least in the short term?

This specific design may not work. Either way, we can make a few changes to the Trac Wiki CSS to make it easier for folks to read.

I’m happy to help with this if it’s desired. Also, I’m not expecting this to happen quickly. I’m putting the idea out there and if it’s helpful, great. If it’s not helpful, that’s OK too.

Yes - I think improving the design would be helpful. I also think we could some very basic improvements to the navigation and some of the content pages. It’s hard to invest time in something we know will be replaced, but I think we’ll be using this wiki for at least another 6 months if not longer and some of the improvements may help us think about how we want our new system to work.

trac has a pretty easy system for managing our own css file - so feel free to send me a css file or css snippets to add. On the design front, getting it to work better on a cell phone might be an easy design win.

Thanks Jamie!

Is there a repo for Trac or the Trac CSS on I looked but didn’t see it. Ideally it would include the CSS for all of the different types of pages, not just the front page. If there is an existing repo or if you decide to create one, can I get an account on

Hi Jason - we haven’t yet ported the git repo for out trac code to (it is languishing, along with some other legacy code on But you can check it out there: via git clone git://

I will try to get it moved to next week, but don’t let my slowness stop you from poking at it. It might be hard to test your changes without going to a lot of trouble to setup a trac environment, but maybe with the code to guide you might be able to run tests via your browser on the live site?

In any event… feel free to re-publish under your account on (can you do that without forking an existing project?? I’m not sure - if not, pushing to is fine) if you have something ready to test before I get this properly moved to

@jasond Thanks for your interest in working on this. I just want to highlight what jamie has mentioned about our intentions to replace Trac. We will very likely be abandoning Trac this year and moving to separate tools for both documentation and support. I don’t want to to dissuade you from making improvements to the current interface but if it turns out to be a lot of work I’d much rather have your help getting something new setup.

Thanks, I agree that it makes sense to focus on helping with the new setup instead.