Thank you + NYC-area invite from the Solidarity Infrastructures class

Hi all,

This is an appreciation post for @jes y @jaimev who came and presented twice about how May First works at a virtual technology mutual aid learning space in March of this year.

Since then, the other co-facilitators and I have put together a blog post essay about movement technology, particularly in the US in this political time (Solidarity Infrastructure Amidst Intifada), which links to May First (w “decades of work providing activists and community organizations with open-source tools and autonomous technology”).

We also just published a website ( where you can read about 40+ self-hosted and community tech projects created by participants.

Also, an invitation to anyone in the NYC area: I will be in Brooklyn sharing about the class, website and it’s resources at an outdoor, masks-required Block Party on next Saturday July 13th, 2-6pm hosted by School for Poetic Computation at LARPA, 1013 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221. RSVP (free, or sliding scale $5-20 donation) SFPC Summer Block Party withfriends