This seems great - can we install it on another domain?



The discourse software seems great, is it possible to install it on one of our sites, or in a subdomain? I think it could be valuable among the communities we’re working with.



I’m not sure often the (very busy) mayfirst admins check here, you might get a quicker answer through the ticket system


But this is certainly more fun! :tada:

Ok, will do…


If you’ve posted an issue, bring the link back here?

And maybe in general it would be good to ease the admin burden for mayfirst by doing as much substantive discussion as we can do here, and bring some sort of consensus summary or request into the ticket queues.


Thanks all for the community support in answering questions!

I think this is the ticket: and sadly the answer is now. Discourse is a bit of a beast to maintain so it’s not possible to run your own on one of our shared servers.