Union or co-op printers / Imprentas sindicales o cooperativas

A group I am working with is looking to order a banner and get some quotes as we’re working with a limited budget. We specifically want to buy union or support a co-op. Anyone have recs?

Un grupo con el que estoy trabajando está buscando ordenar un banner y obtener algunas cotizaciones ya que estamos trabajando con un presupuesto limitado. Específicamente queremos comprar un sindicato o apoyar una cooperativa. ¿Alguien tiene recomendaciones?

I reached out to one of our recently joined members who responded by email with:

Not sure where this person is based, but I’d recommend Radix Media here in bk.

cooperatively owned AND unionized. easy to work with, very kind.I can’t remember if they print banners, but if they don’t have the righte equiptment, they’ll know who does, they’ve made good referrals for me before.

Thank you so much for reaching out about this! I’ll get in touch with them.